Project Description

Mas Peradalta

Masia Refurbishment in Vall del Llèmena (Girona)

Surface: 1.600 m2

Date: 2007

Integral reform of Masia classified as Cultural Property in which it has been necessary to maintain a meticulous respect in the exterior composition and the interior structure.

Few openings have been created and clearly differentiated from the original ones with framed corten steel. Ground floor and first with family housing program and second floor for study-owner’s office where skylights have been created to compensate for the lack of light.

Likewise, the tower has been emptied of 3 floors of interior slabs to serve as a well of light for the lower floors. Completed cutlery and barns for complementary uses of farm and parking have been closed while the property has been partially walled to further differentiate the more private inner space and the leisure area with the pool and play areas more open and open.


Initial state

Final state