Project Description

Can Nerós

Reform of Masia in the Vall de Llémena (Girona)

Surface: 500 m2

Date: 2016

The rehabilitation project consisted of adapting two auxiliary barns for housing use and the conditioning of the whole environment of the Masía, which initially was in a state of ruin. The openings have been made with corten steel frames to differentiate the most important of the annexed buildings and different areas of external relationship have been created to unite the whole but at the same time have spaces and intimate corners for each building.

S’han realitzat les obertures amb marcs d’acer corten per tal de diferenciar el mas principal de les edificacions annexes i s’han creat diferents àrees de relació exterior per tal de unir tot el conjunt però alhora tenir espais i racons íntims per a cada edificació.


Initial state

Final state